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Updated: Aug 27, 2022

There is great DD & Research for Purple Biotech - Brad LaSance on Stocktwits

Please take time to visit and follow Brad LaSance on Stocktwits. One of the best investors I recommend to follow in regards to sound DD and Research for Purple Biotech. Remember always do your own DD and invest only what you can afford.

NT-219 Timeline - June 2021 - Brad LaSance

  • Kinase inhibitors started being studied decades ago.

  • Nt-219 is several attempts deep in that research.

  • It’s predecessor nt-157 was damn near a miracle drug itself but hadas Reuveni and a couple other scientists invented nt-219 which is 30 percent stronger.

  • Purple bio acquired a majority stake in tyrnovo and with it nt-219 in 2017.

  • In 2021 purple owns 98.5 percent of tyrnovo with the rest being owned by hadas who is purples head of clinical development.

  • From 2017-2021 multiple abstracts have been published on the effectiveness of the drug.

  • This includes head and neck. Pancreatic, lung, breast cancer, brain cancer, nervous system cancer etc

  • Last spring it received IND acceptance to go to clinical trials.

  • First dose started sept 3rd 2020 for P1/2.

  • March 2021 our CEO gave a corporate update saying it’s safe and well tolerated in humans at the lowest dose.

  • Last week we get a PR that monotherapy data will be dropped this Friday.

  • Combo data H2 2021

$PPBT there’s only 17.51M lottery tickets available here. Nt-219 data is going to change the game on Friday. Hell they could PR the data itself tomorrow or Thursday morning. Why risk missing the boat? For pennies? This is the bottom. This stock is going to move dollars at a time. I have the research and comps to prove it.” Brad LaSance

I am not a financial advisor and below is my own opinions on Purple Biotech. I have placed some information that I have gathered to give you a quick snap-shot of my journey with Purple Biotech. Why PPBT could be a beneficial investment this Friday June the 4th 2021 for the NT219 Data announcement. We could see a massive share price increase.

Youtube Video: KTOV August 2020

Murdock Creative Early Beginnings Kitov Pharmaceutical - June 2020

I began watching this penny stock with interest and started my journey with Kitov Pharma Nasdaq: KTOV when the shares were trading at $0.45c. Investors on stocktwits & twitter were talking about a company focusing on cancer therapy. It was humble beginnings as investors were not afraid to talk about loved ones killed by cancer or how it had impacted their lives. I don't see that as much now as we focus on the catalysts and breakthrough data that is currently happening. Yes, I am here to make money, however I will highlight a phrase that CEO & Director of Purple Biotech Isaac Israel stated. "Inspired to Cure Cancer". What if we were able to extend our loved ones timeframe on earth for an extra 10 years in comfort? What if the molecule shrinks tumours and cancer and provides more comfort for your loved one? For me that is something special to invest in for potential life changing drug and financial benefits.

“What if we were able to extend our loved ones timeframe on earth for an extra 10 years in comfort? What if the molecule shrinks tumours and cancer and provides more comfort for your loved one?”

KTOV Timeline 2015 - August 2020

KTOV Cancer Drug Resistance - August 2020

Kitov Pharmaceutical Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations - October 2020

Kitov Pharma had begun to attract investors and share holders with incoming PR of strategic partnerships and collaborations with other leading companies focusing on its cancer therapy NT219 as a therapy for multiple treatment-resistant cancers. Not to forget the launch of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Consensi, for the treatment of pain caused by osteoarthritis, and amlodipine besylate, a drug designed to treat hypertension. Yes, CM24 is in the mix and and is an exciting catalyst for Kitov.

To make sense of Kitov Pharma announcements and presentations I wanted to draw a diagram that I could look down on as a road map to look at the pathway and catalyst for NT219. As you can see CM24 and Consensi are part of Kitov pipeline, and I encourage you to look at them closer. My investment is in this wonderful molecule that will be a household name called NT219. That my friend is the Big Daddy. That my friend is why I am here. NT219 between October 2020 to now June 2021 has me hook line and sinker!! Look at some of those huge Biotech companies on that diagram!

Youtube Video: November 2020

Name change from Kitov Pharmaceutical to Purple Biotech - December 2020

Kitov Pharma announces corporate name change from Kitov Pharma to Purple Biotech Ltd. The name change took effect on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and NASDAQ as of market open on December 22, 2020. Purple Biotech's ordinary shares and American Depositary Shares began to trade under the new ticker symbol PPBT, on the TASE and NASDAQ December 22, 2020.

Purple Biotech... Inspired to Cure" Isaac Israel

  • Purple Biotech clinical-stage company developing therapies to treat tumor immune evasion and drug resistance.

  • The company’s oncology pipeline includes NT219 and CM24 treatments.

  • NT219 is the company’s “small molecule targeting the novel cancer drug resistance pathways IRS1/2 and STAT3.”

  • This is being developed for the treatment of “advanced solid tumors and in combination with cetuximab for the treatment of recurrent or metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck cancer.”

  • NT219 currently has Phase 1.2 trials taking place.

  • Next up is monoclonal antibody blocking CEACAM1 therapy CM24.

  • This is being developed as a “novel immune checkpoint that supports tumor immune evasion.”

  • The company is planning for Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials of the treatment in combination with anti-PD-1 checkpoint inhibitors.

  • The goal is to use this on patients suffering from non-small cell lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. PURPLE BIOTECH WEBSITE

Clinical Trial - NT-219

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