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50/50% Profit Share
15 months time-frame
Construct and Sell


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Wyong Project Overview


Potential 30% Return on Capital

Real Property Advice Developer is pleased to bring you this small property project. The opportunity is to partner with the developer and participate in profits on an equal basis of 50%/50%.

19 Donaldson is for the construction of 20 concrete industrial sheds ranging from 104m2 to 307m2 (including Mezz levels).

The finished project will be sold, not held.


The developer shares 50% of the profits with their partners, and this equates to approximately 30% return on the capital needed for the project, over a 15-18 month period.

Considering the current market, small projects like this offer potential for better returns than many other options 

Location of  Wyong Commercial Project and Surrounding Mining, Construction and Industry Services on Central Coast NSW.

Wyong Commercial Project

Wyong Commercial Project  - Situated PERFECTLY

Location of Surrounding Mining, Construction and Industry Services 55km North of the Wyong Industrial Project

Wyong Commercial Project by Real Property Advice are situated 17km South of Wallarah 2 Coal Project, a proposed underground mining operation. Wyong Commercial Project is approximately 55km southwest of  Newcastle. 


Wyong Commercial Project is set to provide extensive economic and social benefits to Wyong and the wider Central Coast Region, NSW. 



Head Office:
Level 6 / 200 Adelaide Street
Brisbane, QLD, 4000


Phone: 1300 66 77 89

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